NyeKoncept Furniture


Congratulations on your selection, and thank you for buying NyeKoncept. We encourage you to become familiar with your new furniture. This information contains our warranty, performance characteristics, and care tips for keeping your furniture looking as good as new. 


Warranty Limitations 

The NyeKoncept Warranty is limited in that it is provided to you, the original purchaser and owner. The NyeKoncept Warranty does not apply to furniture that has been abused or used in a business environment and/or for commercial purposes. The NyeKoncept Warranty only applies to furniture used for normal residential purposes. 


Our warranty does not cover products sold in “distressed” or “as is” condition, products sold “second hand” or products purchased from a retailer, or any other form of reseller not authorized by NyeKoncept to sell our products. All warranties cover labor for 1 year only.   Floor sample items are warranted for one (1) year only.


All of the Limited Warranties set forth below are subject to these Warranty Limitations. 

Lifetime Limited Warranty-Frames and Springs

Frames and spring systems are under warranty to be free from manufacturing defects for the life of the product.


2-Year Limited Warranty – Swivel chair/Rocker Mechanisms

Motion mechanisms and specific fixtures are under warranty to be free from manufacturing defects for five (2) years (this includes, but may not be limited to, swivel/rocker bases and sofa mechanisms). 


1-Year Limited  Warranty – Seat Cushion Cores

Foam cores (not polyester fiber wrap) in all cushions are under warranty to be free from manufacturing defects and against the loss of foam resiliency for five (1) year, with validation of normal wear and tear and confirmation by manufacturer of resiliency loss. 

Abnormal wear and abnormal loss of resiliency should not be confused with the softening and flattening of the foam and fibers, which is considered normal wear, and are not defects.


Feather Soft Cushions consist of a high resiliency (HR) foam core wrapped with super-soft foam, surrounded by a balanced blend of down, feather and multi-denier polyester fibers, encased in a channeled down-proof ticking. While this breathable ticking is down-proof, and creates a feather barrier, feathers will poke through the fabric from time-to-time. This is considered normal performance and is not a defect. Feather Soft cushions are under warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for one (1) year. 


Seat Cushion Care and Performance Characteristics 

Our 1.8 density high resiliency foam cores are environmentally friendly, containing no PBDEs and are manufactured without the use of any flame retardants. While foam will soften, it should not lose resiliency or the ability to recover from compression. Polyester wraps, used to create surface softness, will, over time, lose some of the initial loft, which may contribute to cushion flattening and wrinkling. This is normal. 


Our softer and more casual cushions, by design, flatten, wrinkle and soften. We suggest you fluff these cushions as you would fluff the feather or down pillow you sleep on. 


You can prolong cushion life and keep your cushions looking fresh by turning and rotating them regularly. You may also want to regulate the cushion core and polyester wrap by unzipping the casing and adjusting the fit of the core and polyester wrap. We do not suggest removing the cushion core from the casing. 


One (1) Year Limited Warranty - fabrics, leather, back filling materials, zippers & fastenings

Upholstery fabrics, are under warranty for one (1) year against seam slippage, fraying and dye transfer, but only if any cleaning conforms to industry standard methods. This warranty does not cover wearing, wrinkling, fading, pilling.  ANY SELF-TREATMENT OR RETAILER APPLIED SOIL REPELLER VOIDS THIS WARRANTY.


- Back pillow filling materials are under warranty for one (1) year against the loss of foam resiliency. 

- Foam filling materials are under warranty for one (1) year against the loss of foam resiliency. 

- Zippers and seams are under warranty for one (1) year against failure, including seam slippage. 


Prolong the life of your fabric

Dust and dirt promote premature fabric wear. Vacuum the surface of your furniture regularly, including the deck under the cushions, with the upholstery attachment of your vacuum cleaner. Direct sunlight can cause some fabrics to fade. Care should be taken to limit the amount of direct sun on any piece of furniture. 


Our Promise 

Within the provisions, time allowances and limitations of this warranty, we promise to repair or replace, at our option, any part or parts we deem to have manufacturing or material defects. 



To request service under this warranty, contact NyeKoncept with your original receipt of purchase. If your purchase was made through an authorized third party retailer, please contact The Retailer, who in turn will contact us. Certain defects may be repaired in your home with our authorization for the first year. Some repairs will need to be made at our repair center. The NyeKoncept Warranty does not include the cost, if any, of transportation to or from the retail location. The dealer will contact our repair center to schedule a pick up from the Retailer and subsequent service. The NyeKoncept Warranty does not include the cost of transporting the furniture to and from the repair center, after one (1) year from the date of purchase. If service is not handled through the retailer where purchase was made, shipping and handling charges will apply. 


Shipping and handling costs for parts are covered from one (1) year from the date of original purchase. After one (1) year, customer will be responsible for shipping and handling costs. 


Certain information is required to process a request for service which includes a copy of your sales receipt. Without proper validation of the furniture, the warranty will not be valid. If either you or the retailer has moved, you may contact our Customer Care cs@nyekoncept.com


NyeKoncept shall, in no event, be responsible for any incidental or consequential damage and in no event shall the responsibility of NyeKoncept exceed the purchase price of the product or its replacement. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damage, so the foregoing limitation or exclusion may or may not apply to you.